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New Zealand Radio Yachting Association

The NZRYA (New Zealand Radio Yachting Association) is an Association consisting of Member Clubs, Owners Associations and Individual Members, which is administered by an elected Council, comprising a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and three Council Members. The association was formed in 1994.

There are currently 11 affiliated clubs and owners associations. Individual membership stands at just over 150, with around 200 boats registered.

The NZRYA is the NCA (National Class Association) for the International One Metre (IOM) Class and the Radio Marblehead Class. It also sanctions the Mini 40 Multihull class and J Class. It is a DM (Division Member) of the International Radio Sailing Association. There are currently thirty five Member Countries of the IRSA who are represented and managed by a ten member International Permanent Committee

NZRYA Constitution

How to join NZRYA

To join the NZRYA, simply join one of the affiliated clubs, register a boat (either new or second hand), and then join the association as an Affiliated Individual Member. Association Membership for individuals is $10 per year, plus $ 1 for each boat registered.