IOM Class Rule that May Affect You – Please respond by 26 April 2015

IOMICA is considering a rule change that could affect whether or not your IOM gooseneck illegal. IOMICA is considering an emergency class rule, followed by a vote on a final rule. Please

  • Read the attached IOMICA request carefully. The Class Rule Interpretation 2015-1 may also help.
  • If you have an IOM with a fitting that may be considered illegal, under the current interpretation, please email your IOM National Class Association Representative (Mike McLachlan with details. He will need to know
    • Details of the fitting e.g. picture, part number, link to where purchased etc
    • Whether or not the fitting is commercially available or home made

To give Mike time to collate the replies, please respond by 26 April

Your input will assist IOMICA to refine the rule to ensure it does not unnecessarily disadvantage people.

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