Look who’s having fun!


An article from Grant Lane…

I was down at Waihi recently with Dave Hemsley and the IOM fleet and Dave introduced me to Jarrod Hale, who has been sailing for about four months. One of the members made the transmitter holder that attaches over his shoulders and he controls the TX with a stick he put in his mouth and rotates his head to get the desired result.

Absolutely blew me away and Jarrod is dead keen. At present he only sails with the B rig but observing how competent he is becoming it won’t be long until he will have his A rig on. Totally inspiring for us all.

[Webmaster: Great story Grant, and well done to Jarrod and the Waihi members. NZRYA sailors: it’s great to publish stories that show how much fun radio sailing can be, so please keep them coming to webmaster@nzradioyachtingassociation.co.nz ]

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