NZRYA Council Update #4


February 27th 2015

Your 6 Council members gathered in front of their computer screens on Thursday 19th February at 7.30pm for their 2nd Council meeting, this one via Skype – a new experience for most.

Bruce Edgar from Christchurch was officially welcomed onto Council.

Mike McLachlan was confirmed to review and recommend changes to the NZRYA Constitution, and also as our IOMICA & IRSA representative.

Graham Bowen was confirmed as the RM measurement co-ordinator.

All Registration records are now in Grant Lane’s capable hands,, but unfortunately the whereabouts of the secretarial records remain a mystery.

The 2014/15 ACGB has been further delayed. When all information is available it will be emailed to members and publicised on the NZRYA website.

The IOM Traveller and RM Challenge series are to continue this year however there will be a change in the scoring system for both as we move to a National Ranking system, based on the tried and proven Australian model. A copy of this new system and details of qualifying regattas will shortly be available on the NZRYA website.

Two South Island regattas will be included in ranking events.

In an effort to provide the best possible Race Officers for all NZRYA sanctioned regattas, we are gathering information and looking for input on possible candidates.

We are still looking for offers from host clubs and proposed dates for regattas, especially for RM events at venues outside of Wattle Farm and Hamilton.

NZRYA is to form a new policy on Measurers appointments and a temporary hold has been placed on new applications pending the outcome of discussions.

The secretary is in the process of updating and compiling data on all affiliated clubs and their NZRYA members to ensure we hold accurate records.

The possibility of purchasing a portable computer and suitable programs for use by the Secretary and Treasurer to ensure records are accessible and transportable is to be investigated.

After considerable investigation and as much research as was possible under the circumstances, the lack of documented information and proof that the Hibiscus Radio Yacht Clubs application for affiliation was in writing and had complied fully with clauses 3.1 and 3.2 of the NZRYA Constitution dated 19th March 1994 has resulted in the current council rescinding the decision to grant affiliation erroneously made by the then council in December 2014. HRSC have been invited to re-apply for affiliation in a formal written application fulfilling all information as prescribed in NZRYA constitution.

The result of the RM nationals  held in Hamilton in November 2014 will stand as originally stated, and will now be published on this website, as it has been proven that Rob Nelson, the winner of the event, was in fact a financial member of TRSC an affiliated club of NZRYA, at that time.

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