Marblehead News Australia / New Zealand #2


Major Events;

The major upcoming event is the 2015 Marblehead National Championship, will be held in Adelaide on the 11th, 12th and 13th March 2015, at the new venue located in Port Adelaide, the NoR and Entry Forms are on the ARYA website with details of location and accomodation close to the venue, entries close on the 25th February 2015, don’t miss out.

State Events;

South Australia; 22nd February 2015 Toad Cup Championship.

New South Wales; 28th February 2015 Marblehead GP Series Round 1

Queensland; 28th – 29th February Marblehead Championship at MacKay

What’s Happening around the traps;

The word is around that there will be some new boats at the Nationals, David Turton, Jeff Byerely and Phillip Levi, looks like the pressure will be on.

The Victorian State Championship were sailed on the 15th February 2015 in very light and hot conditions at Caribbean Gardens with a fleet of 10 boats completing 9 races under the control of PRO Mario Gulic, at the end of a very trying day the place getters were Kirwan Robb (Fuzzy Logic) 1st, Andrew Reid (F-3.3) 2nd with David (Yoda) Thomas 3rd Scott Mitchell traveled across form Adelaide to pick up a new F-3.4 for Phillip Levi and finished a creditable 5th behind Patrick Parisienne on count back.

We are very pleased with feedback re the request for Marblehead owner / skipper names and addresses, with a further 5 additional contacts, please keep spreading the word as we know there are more names out their, also we need your input about your club activities, new designs, who’s building new boats etc., send to the names below.

When you have a spare moment, have a look at open IN STORE for the 2015 BG Marble plans named “INDIE”and look at the BG Plug Construction on youtube these may be helpful for you DIY builders.


The updated ARYA Marblehead Ranking Listing dated 16th February 2015 is on the ARYA website.

Marblehead Coordinator; Lincoln McDowall                                                   PA; David (Yoda) Thomas    21st February 2015                                                                             

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