Gulf Habour
Hobbs Wharf
Sunday 23rd November
Day 2 of our 3 day pre-Christmas trial at this new venue.
The purpose of the trials is to test the venue for suitability for conducting major events and to promote our sport and club to the public.

What a great venue for sailing and promotion of RC Yachting!!
The morning was perfect, warm sun a nice breeze an ebbing ¾ tide. The buzz of activities in the Hobbs Wharf Market, live music and a good number of interested spectators sitting on the sloping grass bank.
The 7 IOM and 1 Electron skippers that turned out all agreed the location and surroundings make this new venue among the most pleasant they have encountered.
The elevated control area gives a great vista over the whole course and the alternative launching/retrieving options are good for those not wanting to get their feet wet.
Like every other venue where rc yachts are sailed it is not ideal in ALL conditions, however we can’t have everything, and this has most, Including toilets and a café serving great coffee and food. (And a bar in the near future!)

For our final trial on Sunday 14th December from 11.00am we would love to see more boats on the water to give us a better idea of the suitability of the venue for larger fleets. Everyone is welcome to participate in the informal racing.

We have tentatively scheduled the annual GHRYC 6hr race to take place at this venue on Sunday 18th January 2015



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