Auckland Champs Results

Hi Everyone,

Please find attached the finalised results for the event.

The attitude and conduct of competitors was exemplary which made running the event so much easier.

Taking advantage of a fairly consistent Easterly a full Olympic course was set for the entire regatta – Triangle, W/L Triangle and then windward to the finish. Saturday started off with B rig but by lunch time most had changed to A, which was interesting in some of the gusts. Luckily the rain only came for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon and for about an hour Sunday morning so all in all a pleasant weekend.

With only 15 starters, the racing was in a single heat and a total of 24 races were completed.

After I got home I attacked Google Earth and measured out the course as best I could. It looks like the course was about 1008m long. Therefore (excluding the added distance of the beats) the boats travelled a minimum of 24km over the weekend. As for the competitors, even if they only walked 2/3 the length of the windward leg each time they would have walked 15km, no wonder some lost count of the number of laps towards the end.


Click here for Auckland Championship 2014 Results

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