2013/14 RM Challenge Series

2013/14 RM Challenge Series

And it came to pass that Seven gentlemen with their boats turned up for the final days sailing in the RM Club Challenge series, four from Auckland and three from Hamilton.

The conditions at Hamilton on the day were more suited to the Hot Air Balloon on the other side of the lake and the radio controlled float plane that entertained us over lunch time, not to mention the Ambulance that got stuck in the wet grass while attending an older Hamilton club member who had a fall and broke his spectacles.

The breeze was there when we arrived but slowly disappeared, until the race after lunch was shortened (from an already short race) with only three boats finishing.

Bryce nearly never made it having to contend with a car on the double carriage way in the fog coming towards him north of Huntly.

Paul had trouble with the swing in his swing rig sticking and if you got your sheets wet there was not enough pressure down wind to force the sails out.

Changes to the next series will be made with the possibility of one drop and to change things around the first of the 2014/15 series will be held at Hamilton so as Wattle gets to hold the final.

For those that did not attend on Sunday and have suggestions for next seasons series, get in touch with Nigel C or myself.

Congratulations must go to the Top three place getters Grant Lane (NMMS) 3rd, Paul Goddard (North Shore) 2nd and the winner Nigel Clements (Hamilton).

The first round of the 2014/15 series is on Sunday the 19th of October at Hamilton.

There will be One sunday a month at Quarry lake where a full days RM sailing will take place from 11am thru till 4pm with results taken, watch this space or contact Nev Beetson.


Bill Bradley

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