Multihull Event 9th August ?

Good morning dry footed multihuller’s

That was an amazing turnout on the 7th.
I still stop and stare at the photos when I scroll the web page.

My thanks to
Rob Nelson for running the racing,
Rob Fielding for video work and of course
Graham for the web work to expose it to the masses.
Bryce for photos and all the other helpers

We have momentum so lets keep building on it.
I would propose we meet on the 9th of august in the Auckland area for our second club day.
I ask all of you to try and think of a venue you would like to sail.
The date is also not set in stone but was selected as its 3 weeks before the Auckland champs.

I also ask at this club day we all sit down as a group and discuss the direction we want to take the class.
Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to me at
and ill collate responses and set a date and place by Tuesday the 24th of June.

Thank you
Antony S

Snapshot 14 (8-06-2014 5-56 a.m.)

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