IOM Murray Rountree Regatta

Murray Rountree Regatta 2013
30 November, 1 December2013
Part of the Traveller Series

Hosted by:
Wellington Radio Yacht Club in association with
Kapiti Radio Yacht Club

Pharazyn Reserve,
Kapiti Coast

MurrayRountree2013 NOR (doc)

MurrayRountree2013 NOR (pdf)

Murray Rountree Entry Form (doc)

Murray Rountree Entry Form (pdf)

Greetings All,

Please find the Notice of Race, and an application for entry form, for the M.R. Regatta to be held at Kapiti on November 31 and December 1, 2013

The NoR is straight forward. Just print it out for your own edification. The application form requires you to type in the details then send it back to the Treasurer by email (preferred) using the bank transfer facility for your $25.00. If you wish to send a cheque, type out your details anyway on the form and email it to me (save me doing it if sent by snail-mail) and post the cheque to me. When your cheque arrives I will email back your form with the date and receipt number indicated.

Please note: Type within the square brackets. Do not hit the TAB key or the ENTER key. Just use your mouse to select, or reposition the flashing cursor.


Noel B
Wellington Radio Yacht Club

Ph (04) 566-4318

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