IOM World Council Nominator Form

Please find attached the 2013 version of the nominator form.

Nominator_form 2013

I will note that we have received sufficient nominator forms for Robert Grubisa for the position of VC Technical already.

Also note that all positions are always open for more nominations. Although the form indicates a deadline for nominations, it should be noted that common practice is to accept nominations from the floor up to the last minute. However, the process for voting requires that the NCAs know who they are voting for before they poll their owners. In order to allow a little time for all of you to find candidates I think it is permissible (and workable) to extend that deadline to October 18 which will still allow all candidates to be listed in the required agenda.

It is very difficult, and unreasonable, for the NCAs to have to re-poll their owners for changes to the agenda items. We proved that last year. So the hard line will be for all nominations to be in hand by October 18, 2013.


– Barry

I had a question from an NCA that prompts me to expand a bit on who is running for re-election and where the vacancies exist.

Based on what I know as of this minute the following is what I know.

Chairman – Needs candidates
Treasurer – David Turton (AUS) has indicated he will stand for another term
Secretary – Brig North (USA) hasn’t declared yet but hasn’t said no either
VC Tech – Robert Grubisa (CRO) has declared himself to be a candidate and has been nominated by enough World Council members
VC Events – Olivier Cohen (FRA) has declared himself to be a candidate and has been nominated by enough World Council members
VC Measurement – Lawrie Neish (CAN) has indicated he will stand for another term
VC Communication – Pedro Egea (ESP) has indicated he will stand for another term

Those are all the positions that there are on the Exec Committee. As is always the case, there is always room for more nominees for any of the positions. It is healthy for any organization to actually have a contest for its executive positions.

So, if you would like to nominate any of the above listed names or have knowledge of people qualified and interested in running for any of those offices, please fill out a copy of the attached form and forward it as indicated on the form.

As previously stated, our process of conducting the vote for these positions, or our rules resolutions, does not really work for any last minute nominations and that is the reason why there is a deadline well in advance of the meeting. There is no practical way to have NCAs re-poll their owners once the agenda is produced. For some of our NCAs it is a pretty large task to try to get a communication out to their owners and get a reply back even with a few weeks to carry that out.

Those are the positions and the people that have so far indicated their interest.

Any questions, please ask. We will try to clarify.

– Barry Fox
– Chairman, IOM ICA (Ret)

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