Mablehead Nationals Boat 4 Sale

No it is not to late to come to the NZ Mablehead Nationals this weekend, we would love to see you.
Buy, steal or borrow a boat for a couple of grand and we can could see you there this Saturday
Have fun

Marblehead NZL 809 ‘
Paradox HULL ’ Built by Graham B in 1996
Full carbon hull and very light
4 rigs all carbon
A, B swing rig (A with gizmo) C, C2 Std rig with fore boom setup.
2 x Sailstec fins
2 x sailsetc rudder blade.
Boat box for travel,
Large Sail/Rig box.
3ch Hitec radio gear, fitted with Whirlwind winch and Savoc digital servo
1x includes swivel boat stand .
2x battery packs 6v
Still a proven competitive boat boat with good results past and present.
*2nd place boat in 2010,2011 *
Tony O
Phone:+64 09 475 5797 Mobile: 021 810653

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