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IOM – G Smale Memorial Event – 8 September 2012

Venue – Quarry Lake, Takapuna

The day started out fine, with a gusty breeze from a NNE direction. Eleven boats participated.

Nearly half the fleet started out with A rigs, the rest used their B rigs. There were some vicious gusts to start with and those boats with A rigs were often over-powered, so much so, that by the fourth race all boats were using B rigs.

To start with, Roy Granich, Ian McLennan, Glen Riley, Graham Cross and Mike McLachlan were sailing well, despite the conditions.

Just before lunch the wind moved to the north and as a result the hospital building affected the wind direction so that the wind was coming from both ends of the lake, which made sailing rather awkward. The wind speed had also reduced. After lunch it was decided to try Lake Pupuke, as there was a truer breeze there. However, this did not work out as five boats had to retire due to weed, so it was back to the Quarry Lake.

After lunch, it was Mike, Carl Smith and Jim Brown who sailed the best in the conditions. Congratulations to Mike for winning the event and also to Carl Smith who came second and Jim Brown who came third.

A welcome and pleasing addition to the fleet were, Carl Smith and Anthony Sisson from Tauranga and Glen Riley from Kerikeri.

Thanks go to Bob Atkinson and Tony Refoy who also ran the event.

Overall it was a frustrating day for all skippers, but the event was held in very good spirits and I thank you for that.

The rain did not start until racing had finished and the presentation of prizes had been done, so in that regard we were lucky.

R Nicholas

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